London Dust: Rut Blees Luxemburg and Keef Winter. More here.

On the Ephemeral in Photography: Ori Gersht, Rut Blees Luxemburg, Lewis Ronald, David Maisel, Julian Stallabrass, Steffi Klenz, Mikael Gregorsky, Jeff Millikan, Jefferson Hayman and Frederic Fontenoy. Co-curated with Brad Feuerhelm.

Ziggurat: Claire Hooper & Paul Simon Richards. More here.

Moves: Darren Harvey-Regan, Jonathan Murphy, Tom Owen, Amy Petra Woodward. More here.

As You Walked in the Room: Jonathan Murphy. More here.

Face Down: Amy Petra Woodward. More here.

Jeremy Millar. More here.

Holy Island: Grant Foster. More here.

Foreplay: Tom Owen. More here.

Terra Conductor: Judith Goddard. More here.